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Kayak & Lola Founder Paul English: Why design is never finished

Patrick Campbell Sep 20 2018

We easily understand fundamentals, and appreciate them. Yet, the bedrock principles of building a business, are painfully difficult to execute. Great design is a perfect example. Creating a product experience that "just works" takes thousands of hours. 

That's what we learned from this week's guest - Kayak and Lola Founder Paul English who is one of the best product designers in the world of software. 

On this episode, we go deep on how Paul leads teams to relentlessly focus on creating great experiences by obsessing over making the experience simpler. We also learn Paul's principles of arrogant humility, which he says pushes him to be competitive, but more concerned with the competitiveness of the problem. 


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Topics covered in this episode:

  • Paul's background and where he developed his affinity for design and user experience (look out for the Frogger reference)

  • How simplicity is actually one of the hardest things to do when it comes to product and just building a business in general

  • How to use a lead user concept to drive design and decisions

  • The types of designers you should work with (and the ones you shouldn't)

  • How experience is more than just the pixels on the page

  • Focus, focus - and oh, did we mention, focus


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By Patrick Campbell

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