Building a Revops Function With Go Nimbly’s Ceo Jason Reichl

In episode four of RevOps and Hops, we go in depth with Go Nimbly’s CEO, Jason Reichl, on the
By Patrick Campbell

RevOps and Pricing with Robert Cortese of SolarWinds

In this episode of RevOps and Hops, Robert Cortese, Director of Pricing and Product Strategy at
By Patrick Campbell

Revenue Operations and Marketing: How They're Related, With Proof's Dave Rogenmoser

Welcome to the first episode of RevOps and Hops, a show that breaks down everything about
By Patrick Campbell

Measuring the Success of Revops With Armando Biondi

Episode five of RevOps and Hops is all about measuring the effectiveness of your RevOps strategy
By Patrick Campbell

The Rise of RevOps with Chargify's CRO Scott White

In our third episode of RevOps and Hops, we float down the San Antonio River. We also welcome
By Patrick Campbell

Demystifying RevOps with Chargify’s Michael Klett and ProfitWell’s Patrick Campbell

In this episode of RevOps and Hops we discuss what revenue operations is, how long it’s actually
By Patrick Campbell

TINT CEO, Sameer Kamat on Revops, Sales, and Customer Success

In this episode of RevOps and Hops, TINT CEO, Sameer Kamat joins us to discuss how sales and
By Patrick Campbell

RevOps and Tools with Michael Couch of Couch and Associates

In the final episode of Season one of RevOps and Hops, Mike Couch, of Couch and Associates joins
By Patrick Campbell

What is Revenue Operations & Why RevOps is Crucial for Subscription Businesses

We’ve been talking a lot about revenue operations here at ProfitWell. We even released a whole
By Patrick Campbell
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