Basic Emails Can Save 30% of Your Annual Customers

The California DMV is outsmarting most subscription companies...
By Patrick Campbell

Lessons from Recovering $4.9M in MRR

Since our launch of ProfitWell Retain, we've been involved in sending millions of messages that
By Patrick Campbell

How Appcues' Jonathan Kim Boosts Retention

When it comes to user onboarding, Jonathan Kim, Founder and CEO of Appcues, is your guy. He
By Patrick Campbell

Why Annual Plans are Crucial for Reducing Your Churn

When setting up a pricing strategy, most companies go with the tried-and-true monthly plan
By Patrick Campbell

Why a Saas Customer Hasn't Churned When They Cancel

When someone cancels their account they're gone, right? Toss them in the churn pile.
By Patrick Campbell

How to Achieve Net Negative Churn for SaaS

One of the most powerful growth engines and SaaS metrics to track is net negative MRR churn.
By Patrick Campbell

Stop Treating Churn Myopically; It's a Game of Inches

SaaS founders dread the "One Big Thing" that'll kill their company. We fear the bug that renders
By Patrick Campbell

Customer Churn Prediction & Prevention For Business Survival

You love your customers. They enable your business to, well, be. You want to retain them and
By Patrick Campbell

Your Largest Bucket of Churn (And How to Prevent it)

As a good SaaS founder or executive, you know that high churn will decimate your growth, and
By Patrick Campbell
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