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BIG NEWS: Paddle acquires ProfitWell to "do it for you"

We believe understanding your
performance is a growth imperative.

We'll never tax you for growing. Metrics is free forever - no matter your size.

ProfitWell Metrics

$0 / month

All the financial and revenue operations metrics you need - absolutely accurate and 100% free.

  • Growth, revenue, retention, and churn trends
  • Unit economics, usage data, and cohorts
  • Benchmarks from 15k+ subscription companies
  • 5-minute setup (yes, even with Zuora)
  • Mobile app with intelligent alerting
  • Native in and out integrations, or use our APIs
  • Segmentation enriched with Clearbit and Full Contact
  • World class support - most answers within 24 hours
No credit card required. Get Started
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Looking for more customization and support? Our enterprise plan has you covered.

  • Custom reports and calculations
  • Priority ingestion and data flow
  • User management, security audits, and staging support.
  • Tailored SLAs and dedicated subscription analyst
chat with the team
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Why is the highest rated, most accurate product in the market free?

To put it simply - free is just good business when the product is better than the paid alternatives. When we provide value by giving you robust, accurate subscription metrics for free, you'll hear us out on how we can improve your churn or pricing with our paid products (which you'll verify in the free product).

Those paid products are priced mainly based on performance, so we end up making more money when you make a lot more money. Essentially, we'd rather always be a net additive that's aligned to your success - not a product that taxes that success.

Sure, we'll give up revenue in the short-term, but we'll make much more in the long-term.

Building a SaaS business is hard work (really hard). The last thing you need is to fly blind when it comes to your core metrics. The days of trying to make decisions with wild guesses, the wrong data, and ugly spreadsheets are over.

With ProfitWell, you always have the latest revenue metrics at your fingertips. And we help you easily identify the biggest levers for growth in the business.

ProfitWell exists to help SaaS companies grow smarter and drive a faster path to profitability.

  • Free doesn't mean bad

    ProfitWell has more features, users, and accuracy than paid alternatives.

  • We align to your success

    Our paid products are priced based on performance - as they should be.

  • You are not the product

    Your data is never sold, shared, or even viewed - this isn't 2005.

Accuracy, security, and reliability at our core

  • Absolutely Accurate
  • Full Security Protocols
  • 99.99% Uptime Performance

We make money when you make a lot more money

Use our free tools to discover revenue problems. Use our paid tools to solve those problems (and only pay for performance).
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Retain ®

Retain® combines world-class subscription expertise with algorithms that leverage millions of data points to win-back your customers.

  • Highest recovery rate in the market
  • Fully managed by our retention team
  • White labeled and PCI compliant
  • Pay for performance
Varies / month
(based on revenue recovered)
Learn more
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Recognized ®

Audit-proof revenue recognition that eliminates human error and hours of work. Designed by accountants. Implemented by experienced engineers.

  • Audited by big four accounting firms
  • On-call FP&A team for custom reports
  • ASC 606, IFRS 15, GAAP compliant
  • Automated and delivered to your inbox
Starting at
$1000 / month
Learn more
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Price Intelligently

Price Intelligently is the industry standard software and team to get your subscription pricing on the right track to unlocking 30% more growth.

  • Dedicated pricing team (on-site or off)
  • Proprietary methodology and software
  • Personas, Packaging, Pricing, and more
  • Rapid turnaround time
Starting at
$15k / month
Learn more
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Custom Implementations

Whether you're migrating clunky data or using a billing system we don't integrate with natively, our ProfitWell team of analysts and engineers can take the heavy lifting off your plate.

On-Call Subscription Analyst

We've seen inside more subscription businesses than anyone else out there, so we know a thing or twelve. Use us as on-call subscription analysts and advisors.

Used by more mid-market and enterprise subscription companies than any other solution

The leaders in subscription revenue automation.

We built ProfitWell's products to scale to any company size and to meet any requirement. We're here to be the subscription partner to accelerate your business.

  • Security, Encryption, and Cyber Insurance
  • 99.99% Uptime and Customizable SLAs
  • Dedicated, World Class Support
  • logmein
  • hubspot
  • webflow
  • hotjar
  • canva
  • teamgantt
  • prezi
  • zapier
  • appcues
  • insightly
  • cloudbees
  • conversio
  • teamgantt
  • meetup
  • taxjar
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Tyson Quick,
Founder & CEO
“ProfitWell Retain pays for itself.

Retain helped us recover 20% more revenue that has accounted for, at this point, millions of dollars. We have been able to re-invest that money into other areas of the business.”

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Sarah Selim,
Director of Product
“ProfitWell helped us significantly increase our ARPU.

The research that we did with ProfitWell showed that we had significant room to increase our price on the recurring side—so we increased our ARPU about three acts in about twelve weeks.”

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Olof Mathé,
Co-founder & CEO
“ProfitWell Retain is a must-have product.

To date, Retain has helped us recover more than 300,000 dollars, and those are customers that we probably wouldn’t have gotten back any other way. What’s cool about that too is we only pay for success.”

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Still looking for more? Here's a list of the main metrics in ProfitWell.

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  • Monthly recurring revenue (MRR)
  • Annually reccurring revenue (ARR)
  • Average revenue per user (ARPU)
  • Cash flow, fees, and refunds
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  • MRR retention rate
  • Customer retention rate
  • Cohorts report
  • Churn rate
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  • Lifetime value (LTV)
  • Trials and conversion rate
  • Reactivations
  • Converted MRR
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  • Active vs. inactive customers
  • MRR from active customers
  • ARPU by customer activity
  • Daily active customers
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Enriched Segmentation

  • Custom traits (i.e, NPS, sales rep, acquisition channel)
  • Full Contact and Clearbit traits (i.e., industry, location, gender)
  • Engagement
  • Age of account
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  • Net new MRR
  • Monthly growth rate
  • SaaS quick ratio
  • Custom growth goals
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Dedicated subscription expertise each step of the way

Our group of subscription economists work with you and are on call for any and all subscription growth questions - from acquisition and pricing to retention and engagement. We've seen it all.

Chat with the team

Frequently Asked Questions F.A.Q.

How long does it really take to set up ProfitWell?

We know that most reporting and analytics tools take developer time and customization to implement. We are not those tools. You simply connect your billing system (Stripe, Braintree, Zuora, Recurly, Chargify, Chargebee, ReCharge) through OAuth, or by creating an API user, and we do the rest. It takes less than 5 minutes to setup.

What if our business doesn’t use one of your supported billing systems?

We integrate with all the major subscription management and billing systems (Stripe, Braintree, Zuora, Recurly, Chargify, Chargebee, ReCharge). If you use something different, you can import your data using our Google Sheets via Zapier integration, our robust API, or our manual entry flow in-app.

If you have a subscription management system you'd like us to support, contact us and we'll see where it fits in the roadmap. We're developing integrations on a quarterly basis.

What if we're using an internal dashboard or BI tool?

Many of our users have internal dashboard and business intelligence tools with their own data lakes. For these users, we're a net value add, because we can provide those tools and lakes with highly reliable, absolutely accurate subscription revenue data. Simply use our native out integrations or API to port data right into your existing stack.

How do you make money? Are you selling my data?

We believe that giving you accurate metrics is critical to your business and us partnering in a way that aligns to your goals. Our paid products focus on reducing your churn and optimizing your pricing, so we can charge you based on performance and only make money when you make (a lot more) money. Your data is yours, and is never sold, shared, or viewed.

How does ProfitWell ensure accuracy? How are you more accurate than other providers?

While we're all pulling data from the same sources (billing systems), how you calculate that data determines the accuracy of your metrics. To ensure absolute accuracy, we calculate all of your metrics starting at the event level, which means we're pulling from the most granular data we can find to calculate your metrics. When we mix in ruthless prioritization of any accuracy bugs and white glove onboarding, we're able to get to a higher level of accuracy that simply doesn't exist with other alternatives.

How is Retain pay for performance? Are you taking a commission on every customer you recover?

Retain doesn't take a commission on every customer we recover. Instead, we calculate a baseline of your current recovery - how many customers currently get recovered after their payment fails or they choose to cancel. We then add up the revenue we recover above that baseline and have tiers based on that number for which we charge. What's unique about Retain is that we guarantee these customers will stick around for at least two months, guaranteeing a minimum of 100% ROI (reality is typically above 2,000% ROI). We also have CPA pricing for direct to consumer brands.

How secure are your systems? Will you go through a security or infosec audit?

We're more than happy to go through security or INFOSEC audits. At this point we have quite a bit of experience with them. In terms of security, we know how important protecting data is to our and your business, so we've implemented more than the industry standard when it comes to data products. These implementations range from not only encrypting data in transit and at rest, but also going through regular penetration testing and a whole host of physical, network, and app features to ensure we maintain a secure product. For a whole list of our practices and implementations, contact us.

Are you ready to go? Use data to stop guessing and start growing.

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