Lessons from Recovering $4.9M in MRR

Since our launch of ProfitWell Retain, we've been involved in sending millions of messages that
By Patrick Campbell

Developing On Stripe: Easy to Start; Hard To Get Right

NOTE: This post is a bit different than our normal content, and comes from the ProfitWell
By Eric Yu

Announcing SaaSFest 2017

SaaSFest started with a very specific goal: we wanted to create the TED of the recurring revenue
By Patrick Campbell

How to Get the Most Out of SaaSFest 2017

We’ve hit the homestretch for our annual gathering of recurring revenue phenoms at SaaSFest 2017.
By Patrick Campbell

Why You Need a Compass Metric for Hyper SaaS Growth

In the startup world, we all have growth numbers that we want to hit—that’s not the hard part.
By Patrick Campbell

How Freemium Drives MRR for Trello, Slack, Wordpress, Dropbox

You've just built the most earth-shattering product ever invented. But you're not too sure how
By Patrick Campbell

SaaS Finance: Bookings vs Revenue vs Collections vs MRR vs ARR

Finance and accounting team members are the unsung heroes of the subscription and SaaS world,
By Patrick Campbell

What is a Pricing Audit? How Pricing Audits Increase Profitability

Let’s say you workout everyday. You take pride in your routine—two days a week on leg training,
By Patrick Campbell

How Pluralsight's CXO Nate Walkingshaw Mows his Product Lawn

We've been historically focused on outputs from our work, but Nate Walkingshaw from Pluralsight
By Patrick Campbell

How Appcues' Jonathan Kim Boosts Retention

When it comes to user onboarding, Jonathan Kim, Founder and CEO of Appcues, is your guy. He
By Patrick Campbell
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