Guide to subscription models for 2022: Definition, benefits, tips & metrics to track

Subscription pricing models continue to become a major part of modern software sales. The model
By ProfitWell

SaaS management: What is it & why should your company care? (+ strategy & best practices)

Businesses today are increasingly relying on SaaS for everyday business activities. This results
By ProfitWell

How to increase average order value for your ecommerce store

More revenue does not always have to come from new customers. Since new customers tend to have a
By ProfitWell

Dynamic pricing strategy: Definition, types, benefits & examples

COVID-19 put a strain on B2B connections and disrupted supply chains in various businesses.
By ProfitWell

How to optimize ecommerce checkout flow to minimize cart abandonment

If visitors to your site are going to become customers, then at some point, they'll have to go
By ProfitWell

What is predatory pricing: Examples, definition & when is it illegal?

A strategic pricing strategy is one of the best ways to increase your company's sales growth. By
By ProfitWell

Guide to compound annual growth rate: CAGR formula, benefits & limitations

As an organization, calculating your growth rate is a great way of tracking and monitoring
By ProfitWell

What is customer health score & how to calculate it?

Churn is the biggest enemy of SaaS businesses. To minimize churn, companies need to go to great
By ProfitWell

Comprehensive guide to product-qualified leads (PQL)

For the longest time, software sales have included the involvement of sales reps. Historically,
By ProfitWell

Internal growth rate: A formula to accelerate your business growth

There are many metrics you can use when estimating your business' growth potential. For
By ProfitWell
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