How Do Subscription Companies in EU Differ from Those in the USA?

This week, we keep it going on the ProfitWell Report by looking at how another SaaS ecosystem
By Neel Desai

How Do Podcasts and Video Marketing Impact Growth?

This week on the ProfitWell Report, we're tackling a bit of a meta question from Jeremy Bolls at
By Neel Desai

How Do In-Person Sales or Customer Success Impact WTP & Churn?

Subscriptions are all about relationships. And this week's question from Jason Hamilton at
By Neel Desai

Unlocking Growth with Expansion Revenue

Expansion revenue is the lifeblood of a successful subscription business, particularly when it
By Patrick Campbell

Driving Higher ARPU at Signup with Value Metrics

Value metrics increase ARPU across all-sized subscription companies including those in both B2B
By Patrick Campbell

Proven: Case Studies, Customer Stories Impact Willingness to Pay

We live in a fascinating world where even though our advancement as a society has bred the
By Patrick Campbell

The World's Largest Study on Churn

Churn is one of the most painful aspects of building a subscription business. You work
By Patrick Campbell

Hidden Costs of Discounting

Discounting is a huge topic of interest in the subscription economy, primarily because most
By Patrick Campbell

Value Propositions and Willingness to Pay

In the Mad Men days of yore, sentiment would indicate that coming up with the right value
By Patrick Campbell

How Does Churn Differ Across Subscription Markets?

This week, Gal Thompson, Regional Manager at Secured Signing, has something on her mind: How is
By Neel Desai
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